By using specially formulated treatment products we can help combat and shield the effects of the harsh Australian climate which leaves unprotected skin prone to sun damage and premature ageing. Neoderm has formulated a step-by-step range suitable for all skin types. 

Skin Step One

AUD $40.00

Skin Step One is a creamy low foaming non-alkaline cleanser used to gently cleanse away excess oil and dirt from the skin. Use also to remove facial and eye makeup.

Skin Step One contains delicate moisturising agents and is designed to help soften the epidermis, leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling soft, fresh and clean.

Skin Step Two

AUD $40.00

This delightfully natural floral scented skin toner is Ph balanced and alcohol free. It contains a classic blend of Witch Hazel and Bulgarian Damascena Rose oil.

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), prized for its astringent and calming properties, was used by the native North American Indians to soothe and cool the skin. They also used Witch Hazel as a treatment for easing the redness and swelling of bruises and sprains.

Skin Step Three

AUD $70.00

Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acid Treatment:
A gentle but powerful combination of Glycolic, Lactic and Alpha Hydroxy acids in a light almond oil moisturising base, act in unison to resurface and revitalise your skin. Glycolic Acid operates as a highly efficient skin exfoliant, whilst Lactic Acid assists in softening dry skin. Alpha Hydroxy Acid also operates as an antioxidant, stimulating new cell growth.

Skin Step Three is generally recommended for use at night on freshly cleansed and toned skin. Should you prefer to use Skin Step Three in the morning.

Skin Step Four

AUD $70.00

Youthful skin has a soft dewy appearance. Skin Step Four is a lightly textured moisturising treatment designed to enhance the soft natural glow of your skin. Recommended during the healing process and as a vital after-sun treatment, this deluxe lotion should be applied to the face, neck and around the delicate eye area every morning. Skin Step Four may also be used as a night lotion for more sensitive or oily skin types.